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52% of SMBs are without an IT professional on staff. Think of SafeShop as your Security Specialist, so you can get back to business.

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otto SafeShop for Shopify

No code install in seconds

Instant protection starts as soon as your install the plugin. Immediately, otto will begin monitoring visitors for any suspicious activity.

Magecart Protection

Block attacks, “ottomatically”

In the event something bad happens, otto will automatically block the attempt and notify you on your dashboard that it occurred.

3rd Party Requests

Review blocked incidents

All events include details about what happened so you can review the details and take further action if necessary.

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ShopSecure with otto

Protect yourself while you shop online

ShopSecure by otto helps keep you safe from credit card theft, e-skimming, malware, pop-ups, and more so you can safely shop the internet.

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